Project Photos

yountville expansion

Yountville Recycled Water Expansion Project – April 15, 2014:

Wolk at the Town of Yountville's Recycled Water Expansion Project Groundbreaking. Photo credit: Town of Yountville Mayor John Dunbar.


Central Dublin Recycled Water Project Completion Ceremony – July 29, 2013:

Dublin Mayor Tim Sbranti (left) and Dublin Superintendent of Schools Stephen Hanke (far right) applaud as Dublin San Ramon Services District Board Vice President Georgean Vonheeder-Leopold and groundskeeper Raul Serrano turn on the recycled water sprinklers at a central Dublin park. The project retrofitted four city parks and three schools to use recycled water for landscape irrigation.


Antioch Recycled Water Project Completion Ceremony:

Congressman George Miller (left) and Congressman John Garamendi applaud during the launch of Antioch’s recycled water program.

Anna Eshoo

Mountain View Recycled Water Completion Ceremony:

Congresswoman Anna Eshoo speaks in the Mountain View recycled water completion ceremony

Mountain View Officials

Mountain View Recycled Water Completion Ceremony:

Officials in the Mountain View recycled water completion ceremony


Redwood City's Utilities Committee:

Members of the Committee celebrate the multiple awards they have received since their recycled water project went on line in June of '07.

Pictured are Major Rosanne Foust (center) and council members; Jeff Ira and Alicia Aguirre.


Sharpe Park Golf Course:

North Coast's recycled water project would also provide recycled water to Sharpe Park golf course in Pacifica.

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Pittsburg Recycled Water dedication:

Federal, State and Local representatives at the Pittsburg Recycled Water dedication.